Disasters and extreme events pose complex problems for the state, nation, and world that are best addressed by combining multiple disciplines and professions. The mission of the Center for the Study of Disasters and Extreme Events is to provide a support system whereby disaster research capabilities at Oklahoma State University can be coordinated, matched with funding sources, and developed to produce information relevant to the citizens of Oklahoma. The Center seeks to facilitate effective collaborative research, particularly that which enhances community resilience and well-being.

On this page you will find announcments and recent news items of interest (below), scholar information on the "Faculty & Staff" tab, as well as information regarding preparedness and resilience on the "Being Resilient" tab. 

Website activation, welcome affiliates!

Hello, and welcome to the new CSDEE web page.  Our current goal with this page is to serve as a hub to faciliate communication and collaboration (check out the Affiliates tab for biographies and research interests of CSDEE members); we are open to feedback in ways to improve these processes for you.

In the interest of interdisciplinary collaboration, we suggest viewing this article, which summarizes interdisciplinary approaches to studying disaster, as well as this article, which suggests ways for natural scientists to engage with social science research more easily.

We look forward to hearing from you, and more importantly, for you to hear from each other!